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Causality Method
The Causality Theory was created on the ground of world’s mankind spiritual achievements in the area of philosophy, causality mechanics (Kozurev N.A., 1958), and based on synthesis of traditional medicine of West and East. Development of Causality Theory was conducted in the branch of Valeology and Eniovaleology International Academy of energy informational Science (MAEN), Moscow.

Aim of the work was to study the mechanism of written cause of events and occurrences, the mechanism of unfolding (deployment) cause-effect bonds and developing of consequences, and also estimate the character of cause influence on human life.

Cause influences are covering all life and Universe: any relationship in Universe is connected to the Causal Plane. "Everything is performing in accordance with the Law of Causality; accidental chance is just the name of unknowable (in cognizable) law", Hermes Trismegist.

V.P. Goch is the author of the following books: "Path beyond the Tantra", "Philosophy of Superior Creation", "Cause and Karma", "First Book of Principles", "Conducting matrixes", "Ways of The Book of Changes"," Book of Strength", "Alphabet of the Book of Changes", "Dictionary of the Essence of Words", "Spiritual Strength of Plants".

His works were recognized and widely spread between scientists and practitioners who are oriented on new scientific paradigms in areas of energy-informational processes, quantum physics, philosophy, medicine, and psychology. The Method of Work in Cause-Effect Connections could be applied in different aspects of Man’s life: health, agricultural, ecological.

The Schoolof Couse was founded under management and supervision of V.P.Goch, where scientific work is conducting in different fields of human life. There are educational seminars in different locations through out the world available for every one who wish to master a technique of the Method of Work in Cause-Effect Connections.

V.P.Goch was lead to this at the end of 20th century by centuries-old support of mankind based on the rational-reasoning relationship towards the world to face vast number of difficult and unsolved questions in all areas of mankind activities. New scientific paradigm was a necessity to arise (Scientific conference with international participation "Science on the door way of 21st century - New Paradigms", Moscow, 20-23 March 1996, MGTU of Bauman).

New Paradigm based on ascertaining the fact of universal and indissoluble relationship between mankind and its surroundings, the presence of energy-informational exchange between them that is accomplished by Cause-Effect Connections (CEC). CEC is grounded on fundamental categories of Genesis: Time, Space and man’s consciousness as a decisive factor of interactions and transformations.

In consequence of the crisis not just in medicine and science in general, but the crisis in a stage of spiritual path of mankind, the junction of medicine, psychology, biology, ecology, sociology, pedagogy, and based on knowledge of Spiritual World cognition - the Valeology. However, the growth of Valeology as an integrated science is impossible by just simply uniting and merging of knowledge of its components. Laws of cognition and formation of new knowledge are demanding to master all experience with a new step out from composed system to the new and more advanced level - to the Spirit, to the Cognition of World’s Spiritual Laws. Such a new step was the creation of Theory of Causality.

Theory of Causality is directed to a study of mechanism of Cause-Effect Connections (CEC), arising between mankind and Cause Plane. Nothing disappears without a trace in the World. Situation cannot perish if cause that formed this situation is still present. Developing cause is a vibration that is forming energy stream with informational character at the beginning of its development and could be sensed by Thought and transformed. But at the end of its development, cause exhibits in a way of positive or negative situation and conditions of man.

Cause transformation is only possible on the Spiritual Plane of Genesis and in the spiritual body of man. V.P.Goch of Work in Causality (Method) that is suggested and mentioned above, consist of investigation of energy dynamic of processes in the man’s field and any other live organisms or any inanimate objects. Investigation of the character of CEC and cause images, mechanism of their development and manifestation into consequence, ways of relieving negative causes and eliminating low CEC that are interacting with life’s ability of organisms, are basic ways of work in Method.

Investigation of causality bodies is by defining energy streams in the object’s field by hands, with the help of Subtle-Sensitive Receptivity (SSR). After found causes have been analyzed, Work in Causality is conducted which include deliberate and purposeful influencing on particular cause that was manifested as unpleasant consequence such as negative event or illness. The way of influencing the cause is transforming its image-bearing expression into images of positive process development.

Valeology scientists developed methods and algorithms that are allowing going above the infinite chain of Causality events and finding particular cause of occurrence that its image-bearing expression could be changed through transformation of standard matrix-topology image. Transformation of the standard matrix-topology image is eliminating geometrical deformities in physical vacuum, optimizing natural object’s field that are resulting on positive changes in effect. Search for cause is conducted on basic memory mechanism and connected to the inside enlightening. Hypnosis, magic and changed conditions of consciousness are not applicable in these methods.

Method is based on knowledge of Spiritual Laws of World and intended for facilitating human’s life path and better understanding by human, all occurrences. Method is teaching how to transform qualities of interactions for ability to transfer on different, more favorable level of Causality Plane and escape from hard and predetermined Karma. Result of Work in Causality is transferring human interactions, any live being, object into more subtle vibrations by way of setting human/object free from impure influences, rebuilding and cleansing physical body by the strength and work of consciousness. Material bodies do not posses its own being, but are unbreakably connected with its own surroundings. From this point, material body’s quality could be perceived as only in terms of their interactions with the surrounding world.

Holographic image is a form of cause and matrixes informative record that is attracting and condensed information, energy and force according to the image’s contexts. Distortion of the perceiving reality image is creating forces of low order. Absence of cognition is already distorting human image by man. Forces of low order, traditionally called evil forces, are field formations with the ability to act on energy and information Genesis Planes and do not carry on Lord’s likeness. Images and names of evil forces are due to folklore traditions and imprinted in the mental body as a mental cliché. They are an essence of Illusion for the spiritual man, but for the materialistic man, they are severe reality. The Cause of evil forces appearance is a crooked mirror of man’s consciousness that is disfiguring and distorting the occurrence. Through this action man is giving away to the distorted image, his power and force with consequence where intellect’s dream is creating monsters. Those monsters are forced out by man in his irrational world or submerging into collective unconsciousness but in both cases they know a way to man and could be provoked by interests and images of evil character. Invading (intruding) in the field of living objects, evil forces are absorbing all objects living energy for their own development.

Defining the man’s field that in literature called as biofield, we are thinking of unity of all subtle informational and energetically bodies. Man’s Causality body does not have any defects if its energy streams are rising above the head from any body’s point, and then freely flowing down on anterior view of human’s body, passing through three narrow inside passages called Gates in Dao tradition and forming the aura in the shape of an egg.

Developed program of stepped education is providing knowledge transition, acquired practical skills, master fundamental work methods, control of comprehended knowledge and acquired master skills. There are 7 steps of education: every next following step requires absolute comprehending of the previous step and appearing as way out into another more subtle Cause Plane. Levels of Causality are the same as the quant levels of Universe and defined by stabilized resonance conditions of cause forming factors. Cause forming factors are forces, energy, information, and interactions.

Ability to work in Cause Plane and decide spiritual problems are defined by mastering more advanced high level of Causality. Term mastering explains that knowledge and practical skills are satisfying the requirements of particular level and applied in real life. Working operator in Cause Plane could not possibly see the cause energy level of which is much higher than energy level of operator. At the same time cause of much advanced level will never enter into operator’s level simply because of their incapability of different energetic levels. Also, Mother Nature is guiding her hands and eyes in the face of the operator.

Matrix’s system and general force work are determining the work on any plan of Causality Plane and consist of:
1. Identification and transformation low order forces through direct method or operating in matrixes.
2. Work accordingly to the matrix systems that are corresponding to the Cause Plane.
3. Work and tuning subtle energetic and informational human bodies.
4. Work with the Causality body: identification and elimination of field’s displacement; identification of locations where the surplus energy is entering or energy loss, and elimination the causes which are responsible for those actions.
5. Energotherapy of the spine.
6. Investigation of places where human is living, housing or working. This investigation could be conducted in both ways: using geographical or architectural plans, or for operator to be directly present at the problematic area.

Peculiarity (feature) of Work in Causality is ability of operator to directly sense the accumulated formation of evil forces by patient and ingenuously interact with them; security of work is ensuring the knowledge of evil force formation character and develop methods for illumination of the evil influences through transforming the character of Cause Effect Connections (CEC), purifying the patient’s living space or transforming evil forces formations where their creative potential is returning to Mother Nature in purified and transformed aspect.

Second peculiarity of Work in Causality is direct connections between purified moral conditions of operator and his ability of mastering spiritual practice and performance reflected in his work results. The Method is manifesting one of the fundamental Laws of Spiritual World? Law of Self-defense where its essence is in return of any kind of negative influences towards the people from Spiritual World back to the person who created such negative interaction.

The quality of Hand was opened in completely different way and does not include only extrasensory receptivity. Goch V.P. and many other scientists discovered the hand’s ability that was mentioned by Veinik A.I. in his writing to sense chronological streams of objects. This hand’s ability was called Subtle-Sensitive Receptivity (SSR). SSR is essential for investigation of fields, chains of CEC, and forms of matrixes interactions. SSR is allowing to regulate connection between Spirit and body through physical perceiving, allowing to valuate chronological and causal qualities of objects and character of their influence on human.